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must-see destinations in Ibiza

4 essential destinations in Ibiza

There is a list of must-see destinations in Ibiza that every good tourist should know during their stay on the island.

Ibiza is one of the favorite sun and beach destinations for those looking to enjoy a few days of unforgettable disconnection with family or friends, so it is important to know what to see once you are there.

The island has a wide repertoire of destinations where all your guests will be able to enjoy to the fullest, from quiet and cozy beaches to the most amazing coves around the world.

Here are some of the most impressive beaches and coves that are among the must-see destinations in Ibiza, in case you still haven't decided which one to choose.

must-see destinations in Ibiza

Ibiza's must-see destinations

Cala Conta
Cala Conta is probably one of the most beautiful of the whole island of Ibiza. The reasons are obvious: the transparency and intensity of the turquoise color of its waters combined with the fine white sands of its shores. This natural combination is what makes it the favorite paradise for lovers of beauty.

It is located in the municipality of San Antonio and has 800 meters long divided into two stretches of sand, one protected by the rocky coast and the other by wide sand dunes. In addition, the shallow waters make it ideal for families with children.

Both are located in the northern part of San Antonio, in a green environment barely urbanized. They are two of the best rated coves on the island of Ibiza, which are about 100 meters long.

The beach that surrounds them stands out for its golden sands and crystal clear waters with bluish reflections.

The Salada Cove is usually busier, but after walking a steep path through the rocky cliff on the shore it is possible to reach the much quieter Saladeta Cove.

For the less adventurous, you can also get from one cove to the other through a comfortable path located at the top, where you can enjoy more of nature and the incredible views offered by the place.

It is one of the favorite beaches for families, due to the tranquility of the environment and the shallow waters.

must-see destinations in Ibiza

Jondal Cove is located in the south of the island of Ibiza and is one of the most fashionable beaches nowadays. Its success is due to the fact that it is a wide bay of 350m in length, characterized by pebbles instead of sand on most of its surface.

The rocks of its coast make it difficult to enter the sea, but once inside, you will find large sandbanks and crystal clear turquoise waters.

It is not one of the most comfortable beaches due to the abundance of rocks, but it is one of the most impressive due to its peculiarity, which is more than enough reason to visit it.

The amazing beach of Cubells is located in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia and is 150 meters long.

What makes it so special is that it is a small cove surrounded by nature with an atmosphere of peace and solitude. The main reasons are its difficult access and its small size.

The beach of es Cubells is characterized by the boulders that cover most of its territory. In its crystalline waters, these alternate with sand banks. In addition, it is a point of interest because it is located in a place where it is possible to enjoy incredible direct views of the sea.

These are just some of the must-see destinations in Ibiza, as the island hides a multitude of locations that will leave you with your mouth open.