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art galleries in Ibiza

Art galleries in Ibiza: an attraction for enthusiasts and collectors


The art galleries in Ibiza are another reason to visit this impressive island.

The commonly known as the White Island maintains a very close relationship with art and creativity thanks to the arrival of intellectuals and illustrious figures from the second half of the twentieth century. In the 21st century this fusion of art and the Mediterranean has continued to feed back.

Today we show you the art that is kept in the amazing art galleries in Ibiza, which are counted by more than a hundred.

Art galleries in Ibiza

The presence of numerous art galleries in Ibiza is something that does not surprise those who really know the island, because in this territory converge very varied cultures and artists who seek in the largest of the Pitiusas a corner that serves as inspiration, as a muse.

Ibiza and its art are exhibited in many great galleries. We have selected several of them for you to visit at least one of them during your stay on the island.

P|Art Ibiza Gallery

The first of the art galleries in Ibiza that we want to introduce you to is P|Art Ibiza. It opened in 2013 and in its eight years of life has become acultural reference point on the island. It develops exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography. National and international contemporary artists participate in them. At the same time, it is open to all kinds of events. This gallery is located on the road from Ibiza to Santa Eulàlia des Riu.

Arts Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge

Lune Rouge and Arts Projects are two exhibition spaces that complete the artistic offer of the island thanks to the work of Guy Laliberté, the creator of Cirque du Soleil, a true lover of Ibiza.

In these rooms only a total of two exhibitions are held, one during the winter and the other in summer. The winter one shows works from Laliberté's own collection, while the summer one is dedicated to an up-and-coming artist. The galleries are located in Ibiza Town itself, in the heart of the island.

The Nave Salinas

La Nave Salinas is a project of the collector Lio Malca, who converted this former warehouse of the saltworks of Ibiza into a contemporary art gallery. It hosts performances, exhibitions and charity events. The hall remains open during the summer in the afternoon, from 2 pm to 9 pm. The building's original function was to store the salt harvested from the ponds of the Ses Salines Natural Park.

Ses Salines has already appeared several times in our blog, as it is one of the most charming places to take pictures or enjoy its beach bars on the island of Ibiza.

Ibiza and art, Parra y Romero gallery

Parra y Romero isanother one of those must-see spaces for art lovers. The art gallery was established in Madrid in 2005, directed by Guillermo Romero Parra. In 2013 this gallery owner started a new adventure in Isla Blanca, in a rural space that has become a meeting area for artists and creators. The space is located on the Sant Miquel highway, at kilometer 2300, near the Ama Lur restaurant.


These are just some of the art galleries in Ibiza most popular among tourists. However, the list is much more extensive and interesting.

The island's own tourism website is a good place if you want to delve even deeper into the subject of art and if you need more specific information about the opening hours, prices or exhibitions of each gallery.

But as we always recommend, the best way to get into this reality is visiting the wonderful White Island and knowing the unique art galleries in Ibiza.