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marinas in Ibiza

The best marinas in Ibiza

To speak of marinas in Ibiza is to speak of a total of eight facilities with more than 2,700 moorings, which are the starting point for touring the Balearic Islands in the best possible way, through the sea.

But in addition to this, the marinas of Ibiza are equipped with all kinds of amenities and commercial areas to meet the needs of those who are fortunate enough to dock in them.

Why you should go to the marinas if you go to Ibiza

Enjoy the summer in Ibiza having your own mooring in one of the marinas is a luxury that not everyone can afford. But what is within reach of more pockets is renting a yacht and spend a vacation on the island knowing all its corners .

The best way to do this is aboard a boat with which to know the most emblematic coves and beaches throughout the archipelago of the Pitiusas. In addition, in Ibiza there are up to eight marinas so it is easy to move from one point to another on the island and discover the wide range of leisure activities offered by these facilities: shops, restaurants, sporting activities...

Ibiza is, for decades, one of the most luxurious areas of Spain, a place of destination for much of the European and world jet set, which can also lead you to see some recognizable face if you decide to spend your next vacation there.

marinas in Ibiza

The best marinas in Ibiza

There are several marinas in which to dock in Ibiza, but some of them offer better services and accessibility. In this list we delve into some of the marinas in Ibiza most demanded by tourists.

Ibiza Magna Port

In 2018, Ibiza Magna Port ranked as the most expensive marina in which to moor a boat, according to a report by Engel & Völkers. It went from €3,025 a day in 2017 to €4,000 in 2018. Undoubtedly, one of the largest and most amazing marinas in Ibiza.

It is one of the most distinguished and exclusive places on the island. Its number of moorings is very small, only 85. It allows boats with a maximum length of 60 meters with a draft of up to 10 meters. It is surrounded by bars and restaurants, banks, 24-hour security, hotels and luxury shops. It is also one of the places in Ibiza where there is more concentration of celebrities.

Marina Botafoch Ibiza Porto

This port is located in Ibiza, on the Juan Carlos I promenade. It is also one of the most exclusive places in the city. It offers more than 300 moorings for boats up to 30 meters in length.

Marina Botafoch is equipped with all kinds of nautical and commercial services. In addition, throughout the promenade area you will find numerous restaurants, one of them awarded with a Michelin star, and bars with live entertainment.

Sovren Marina

Located in the heart of Ibiza, Sovren occupies the facilities of a former ferry port that opened as a marina in 2017. In its four years of life it has established itself as one of the best spaces for superyachts, as it offers up to 16 moorings for boats between 60 and 185 meters.

The area is always under surveillance and is the perfect setting for sailors and tourists alike. Its offer of water sports is very high, as well as that of restaurants.


Sant Antoni or Santa Eulalia Marina are two other examples of marinas in Ibiza, but they are not located in the city that gives its name to the island. Mooring a boat in any of these facilities is to have the guarantee of comfort, good service, leisure and enjoyment.

If you are passionate about big and amazing boats, you have to visit at least one of these marinas in Ibiza and enjoy the variety of boats that are docked in each of them.