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celebrity luxury yachts

Celebrity luxury yachts

Walking around the amazing port of Ibiza, enjoying a beautiful sunset and seeing the impressive luxury yachts of celebrities moored seems to have become an island tradition. 

Ibiza is one of the favorite destinations for those looking for a dream vacation. The combination of its precious beaches and coves, its exquisite gastronomy and its leisure both during the day and at night, has positioned it as the most popular destination of the entire Mediterranean coast. And it was not going to be less for the luxury yachts of the celebrities.

When we say the most popular destination, we mean it. Celebrities from all over the world have left their life and routine aside for a few days to soak up the Ibizan style and air. And not just to spend a few days of disconnection, but to park their extraordinary luxury yachts and sail the crystal clear waters of the island. 

And who doesn't like to feel the looks of astonishment and impression when walking past people with a luxury megayacht

Big celebrities undoubtedly love it. And they compete to see who has the best luxury yacht, the best clothes, houses, cars and trips. They compete, in short, to see who is more popular and trendy.

In this post, we show some of the luxury yachts of the most prestigious celebrities in the world of celebrities.

The most impressive luxury yachts of celebrities

celebrity luxury yachts

In 2019, the fight to see which was the best and most impressive celebrity luxury yacht was quite intense. Each and every yacht was brimming with luxury, style and abundance in indecent amounts.   

The final decision left a clear winner: David Geffen's Rising Sun. The creator of DreamWorks, a renowned American mogul, producer of major films, records, plays and series.  

His impressive luxury yacht left everyone present with their mouths open. No more and no less than five floors, eighty-two cabins and 163 meters in length. In addition to a basketball court, a cinema room with a giant plasma screen and a large wine cellar.  

Celebrities from all over the world have witnessed the brutality of David Geffen's mega yacht. From actors like Orlando Bloom to singers like Katy Perry. 

Another of the most prestigious celebrity luxury yachts is the Main, owned by Giorgio Armani. The Italian designer owns one of the most sensational luxury boats to have sailed the waters off Ibiza. 

Composed of a total of 28 cabins and 65 meters in length, the megayacht has become one of the most desirable boats on the planet. It is custom-designed with attention to each and every detail, taking advantage of the designer's personal style. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of the boat is the dark green color chosen by the designer. It makes it unmistakable and exclusively unique. 

Last but not least, as they say, is the impressive yacht A. It is the largest sailing yacht in history designed by Philippe Starck and currently owned by Andrey Milchenko. The ship has 143 meters in length and 56 cabins available.  

The cost of its creation is around 500 million euros, nothing compared to the personal fortune of its owner, one of the richest men in the universe, with some 15 billion euros.

What's it like to spend your quarantine on one of the celebrities' luxury yachts?

A year ago, practically the entire world came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 crisis. During the months that this situation lasted, everyone on the planet had to stay in their place of residence, without going out for anything other than work or basic services. 

For some, the situation may have become more difficult as the days went by, but for others, such as the aforementioned David Geffen, spending quarantine on his luxury mega-yacht must not have been a huge sacrifice. 

The producer dropped anchor in the Caribbean islands, next to the beautiful Grenadines, and spent months in house confinement there. There are those who have criticized this situation, but who wouldn't like to have lived that experience?


Be that as it may, having the opportunity to see many of these luxury celebrity yachts is possible if you decide to pay a visit to the cozy port of Ibiza. We are sure that seeing the luxury celebrity yachts up close will leave you with your mouth open.