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Diving in Ibiza: the best places for diving

Diving in Ibiza is one of those recreational and sporting activities that remain off the radar of many visitors to the island. Those who decide to spend a vacation or a longer stay on the White Island are attracted mainly by its beaches, its diversity and landscapes, the intense nightlife and the wide range of leisure services.

Among them, scuba diving also appears, and a proof of this is that there are several diving centers in Ibiza scattered throughout the island to enjoy this activity.

Why it is a luxury to dive in Ibiza

Ibiza offers more than 200 kilometers of coastline, if we also add Formentera. Both islands are surrounded by islets, shallows, caves, clusters of rocks or spectacular walls that are a real paradise for diving.

The Ibizan coastline stands out for being very clean, free of pollution areas, which allows the settlement of Posidonia meadows unique in the Mediterranean. To this must be added a rich fauna composed of salps, moray eels, conger eels, barracudas, lobsters, cuttlefish, corvinas... On the seabed there are also coralline and sponges.

The water in Ibiza is exceptionally clear, to the point that some consider the Pitiusas as the Mediterranean Caribbean. And to this is added the exceptional Balearic climate that allows a very mild water temperature, between 17 and 27 °C. With these conditions, diving in Ibiza is possible practically all year round.

The best places to dive in Ibiza

If you are wondering where to snorkel in Ibiza or what are the best places for scuba diving on the island, here is the answer. Magnificent scenarios to get started in this activity and discover its rich marine biodiversity..

diving in ibiza

Don Pedro's shipwreck

The Don Pedro is a vessel that sank in 2007 while making the Denia-Ibiza route. It is located next to the Dau Petit islet, near the port of Ibiza. This space offers a depth ranging between 23 and 45 meters. It is an optimal area for high level divers and is where it is advisable to use a flashlight.

Es Vedrà's Boot

This underwater mountain is a well-known scenery for any diving club in Ibiza. It offers a simple dive, adapted to beginner levels, although you have to keep an eye on the sea currents. The particularity of this enclave is that the mountain can protrude from the sea when there is some swell. In this area we can find tuna, sirvias, moray eels or lobsters. The depths for diving reach 50 meters.

Diving in Ibiza, Ses Margalides

Ses Margalides are two small islets in front of the cliffs of the Puertas del Cielo, near Cape Negret and the beach of Es Corrals. At this point it is advisable to use compass and flashlight. It offers a maximum depth for diving of 40 meters and here we can observe anemones and barracudas. It does not require a high level, but it does require an average knowledge of scuba diving. The particularity of Ses Margalides is that the islets offer many galleries through which light seeps in.


Diving in Ibiza is another attraction to get to know the island. Diving centers are spread throughout the territory and offer a wide range of activities to discover all the charm offered by the waters of the Pitiusas.