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typical dishes of Ibiza

Enjoy the typical dishes of Ibiza

Are you going to visit the famous and prestigious White Island but you still don't know the typical dishes of Ibiza? Don't worry, because in this post we delight you with the most exquisite tastings that will leave you speechless.

The Ibizan gastronomy is gaining ground as another attraction to visit the island. Since it established itself as a tourist destination associated with the hippie culture in the 60s and 70s and, later, as the capital of technological music, the largest of the Pitiusas has been establishing itself as a scenic destination associated with the good life in the Mediterranean.

Today we show you some of those typical dishes of Ibiza that you should know, many of them you can taste in the numerous and impressive restaurants on the island.

The typical dishes of Ibiza that you must enjoy

typical dishes of Ibiza

In the list we include a wide variety of typical dishes of Ibiza so that you do not leave a single delicacy without tasting.

The typical dishes of Ibiza are associated with the sea, but also with the countryside, livestock and farmers. We will finish the review of these delicious recipes with a good dessert.

Fish stew

The guisat de peix is one of the most common and recognized typical dishes of Ibiza. It is based on a traditional stew inherited from the island's fishing tradition and is present in most homes and restaurants.

The dish includes typical fish from Ibiza, several varieties of local species: grouper, salmon, ray, lobster, monkfish, megrim, prawns, scorpion fish... to which are added potatoes, a stir-fry of vegetables and chopped peppers and almonds. Aioli can sometimes be added. The guisat de peix is served hot in an earthenware casserole.

El sofrito payés

Leaving the sea aside, and going inland, we can taste the sofrit Pagés, very common in winter days. On the island it is often eaten as the main dish at Christmas meals.

The recipe is based on preparing a guiso (stew) with lamb, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, garlic and two local sausages: sobrasada and butifarró. Lamb is a very traditional meat in Ibiza. This dish can be eaten as a second course or as a tapa, in a smaller format.

Typical food of Ibiza, sobrassada

The sobrassada was introduced in Ibiza by the Romans, although its period of maximum expansion began in the Middle Ages. The key to preparing a good Ibizan sobrasada is the native pig and taking from this animal the most noble parts: loins, hams and shoulders. After boning, they are chopped and left to macerate with bacon, Ses Salines salt, various spices and rosemary extract.

If you really want to try a quality sobrasada, it is best to go only to those that are distinguished with the seal "Sobrassada d'Eivissa", a guarantee mark promoted by the Consell de l'issa that confirms that the traditional process of preparation has been followed.

Flaó, a sweet touch to finish

The dessert serves to conclude this traditional Ibizan recipe book. Flaó is a cake made from fresh sheep and goat cheese, mint and aniseed. Its origin dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was only consumed on the occasion of religious celebrations.

Nowadays it can be eaten all year round and is available in many restaurants but also in pastry shops. In Menorca and Formentera they make different preparations of flaó, but equally delicious.


The typical dishes of Ibiza are one more reason to visit the island. If luxury, beaches, climate, quality of life and nightlife were not enough for you, add to all of them the tradition and taste for good food thanks to this collection of typical dishes of Ibiza.