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películas sobre Ibiza

Films about Ibiza: get to know them and visit some of their stages

Ibiza is a great film set. In its territory more than 200 films have been shot and much more content for television series. The Pitiusas Islands, including Formentera in this group, are a source of inspiration for many film directors. We show you some films about Ibiza or, at least, known titles that have shown the landscapes of these islands through the big screen.

Movies about Ibiza and the scenery you must visit

Ibiza movie, so could be titled this article. And not only because enjoying the island, and also doing it with a luxury yacht rental service, means getting close to paradise, but also because the variety of landscapes in its territory has allowed the filming of works of all genres and nationalities. These are some of the best known films about Ibiza.

A summer in Ibiza, 2019, 2019

This film will not go down in history as a masterpiece, but it does allow you to discover some of the most famous places on the island. It is aFrench family comedy that exploits some of the clichés associated with the island: youth tourism, lots of partying and the contrast between young children and their mature parents who are surprised by the reality of debauchery. In short, one of the authentic films about Ibiza.

The film is like an advertisement for Ibiza, which also resulted in more bookings from France to the island after its premiere. Some of the recognizable places that appear in the film are Es Vedrà, Calle de la Virgen and the Ushuaïa nightclub.

Chaotic Ana, 2007, 2007

Once again Ibiza and film come together in the same work. This film was released in 2007 and stars actress Manuela Vellés. The cast also includes Lluis Homar, Nicolás Cazalé, the singer Bebe and Raúl Peña, among others. It isdirected by Julio Médem, who already popularized the Pitiusas Islands with Lucía y el sexo, filmed almost entirely in Formentera.

In this film appear the airport and the surroundings of Sa Caleta as some island scenes. Ibiza does not enjoy so much prominence, because for the filming the crew also traveled to New York, Arizona, Madrid and the Canary Islands, but it does point out Médem's taste for the Balearic Islands.

Sufre Mamon, the G-Men movie, 1987.

In the late 80s and early 90s of the last century, Hombres G was one of the musical bands that attracted more groupies and fans throughout Spain. Their popularity allowed them to record even a movie titled "Sufre Mamón", as one of their best-known songs.

It is a very light comedy that had as main scenarios Madrid and Ibiza. On the island are recognizable Dalt Vila, the Platja d'en Bossa or Ku nightclub, now defunct and today is Privilege. So we can say that it is one of the true films about Ibiza.

There are many more films about Ibiza made in the last 60 years. One of the first wasLa muerte viaja en baúl, directed by José María Forqué in 1966. After this came others like More, El sueño de Ibiza, Aislados, Tras la pista de la Pantera Rosaor Amnesia. And in all of them, if you are attentive, you can discover some place on the island.

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