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Ibiza en pareja

Prepare a romantic getaway to Ibiza with your partner

Discovering Ibiza as a couple will allow you to delve into an island that is much more than just nightlife and hippie atmosphere. Its beaches, nature, biodiversity, sunsets, sunrise. Although the White Isle is an ideal destination for partying with friends, today we show you what you can discover in Ibiza as a couple if you decide to opt for a romantic getaway to the island.

What to do on your romantic getaway to Ibiza with your partner

A romantic getaway in summer to Ibiza has positive aspects associated with it and others that are not so positive and with which you have to deal. The good side is thatall tourist services are at full capacity. The downside is that there are many other people who also consider it a good idea to enjoy the island in summer. In short, a balance where there is only one option.

From our point of view, visiting and getting to know Ibiza in depth as a couple is one of the plans that no one should ever miss.

Luckily, from Ibiza Luxury Yachts we have the perfect solution to avoid crowds, opt for our luxury yacht charter in Ibiza service. On our website you can also check which are the most outstanding corners of the island, in case you do not have enough with the following recommendations.

Discover Ibiza's beaches and sunsets with your partner

In Ibiza there are more than 50 beaches and coves of exceptional beauty to discover. In addition, there is no better company than your partner. If you want, you can get to know each of them by motorcycle or car, or even walking, because of the small size of the island. But the best option is to do it from the sea, renting one of our boats with which, in addition, you can access corners that can only be reached by boat.

Two of the best times to enjoy the beaches and coves are sunset and sunrise, when the sun appears and hides over the sea. A sunset aboard a yacht in Ibiza is an attraction that has no equal, there are few experiences that match this phenomenon.

Walk through Dalt Vila

Without leaving the yacht, but already stepping on dry land, we recommend you to walk around Dalt Vila, the old and impressive walled city of Ibiza. Our boats have small boats and jet skis to access to the mainland and this enclave of the city is located very close to the marina, where your luxury yachts will be in the best possible shelter.

Dalt Vila offers numerous viewpoints from which to contemplate the Mediterranean, facades with old doors that recall the medieval past of Ibiza and stone walls full of bougainvillea. There is not a single corner of this city that can not leave you impressed.

The most romantic restaurants in Ibiza for couples

What would a trip to Ibiza be without spending an incredible evening in one of its romantic restaurants? In Luxury Yachts Ibiza we have already reviewed some of the best restaurants to visit in summer.

In the summer season, the influx of visitors to these restaurants is very high, so it is recommended to book in advance, so as not to be left without space and without trying some dishes of the exquisite gastronomy of Ibiza. If you want to avoid this procedure, another option we offer is the direct hiring of a chef to cook on the yacht or be ourselves in charge of booking in one of these restaurants.


Ibiza as a couple, a quieter, but at the same time deep and close way to know the island, a jewel in the Mediterranean Sea.