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Ibiza con niños

Perfect plans to do in Ibiza with kids

Ibiza with children is no less Ibiza. The island is associated with parties and glamour, but plans with the little ones are also great fun if planned correctly.

The key is to know the best area to go to Ibiza with children and set up plans for the whole family to enjoy. Pay attention because we tell you everything below.

Where is the best area in Ibiza to stay with children

Ibiza is a paradise for tourists of all ages who come in search of partying from all over the world. Sometimes, their interests often clash with those of families who want to protect their children from certain scenes of the night, all of them motivated by excessive alcohol. However, don't let this limit your desire to visit Ibiza with children of any age.

If you come with children, our advice is to choose a quiet place where you give the little ones an unforgettable experience. Few plans are more successful than rental of a luxury yacht with spacious cabins, comfortable beds and large windows with direct sea views.

Besides the perfect accommodation, it is the ideal way to visit family beaches in Ibiza that will provide hours of fun. You will not have to worry about anything. At Ibiza Luxury Yatchts we take care of airport pick-up, shopping and even cooking.

If you prefer to combine the sea with the mainland, among the best areas to stay with children in Ibiza are Cala Llonga and Cala Tarida.

In short, visiting the island of Ibiza with children can become one of the best family experiences and adventures.

Best plans in Ibiza with kids

If you are looking for what to visit in Ibiza with children, you can always stroll through the urban center of the city and its villages, discover the Natural Park of Ses Salines or even visit a water park.

But many of the activities for children in Ibiza have to do with water. You are on an island surrounded by crystal clear water and where you enjoy enviable temperatures most of the year, so take advantage of the long days of sun and sea.

1. Snorkeling in Seabob

Children will never say no to an underwater experience. Discovering the fauna, flora and landscapes under the surface of the water is something that will fascinate them. Our yachts are equipped with snorkeling equipment that can be used by older children (about 8 years old and up) and adults.

But the Seabob, which is also among the standard equipment on our yachts, takes that experience to another level. It's a futuristic-looking machine that fuses the experience of a jet ski with the water sport of an underwater scooter.

2. First experience with water skiing

Neither children nor adults will want to pass up the opportunity to use water skis. Specialists say that 6 years old is a good age to start, so encourage the little ones to practice this fun sport under your watchful eye.

This discipline mixes skiing with surfing and allows its practitioners to glide over the water. At first the goal will be to find the balance, but as you progress you will be encouraged with the pirouettes. Of course, it is also equipment available on your charter yacht.

3. Boat ride

If you're traveling with young children who can't yet venture into such immersive experiences, among the children's activities in Ibiza may be the boat ride. From your yacht, it will allow you to get to hidden places where you can enjoy the sun and sand practically in solitude.

Ibiza is also the ideal place for children to discover the richness of the Mediterranean diet, which is also very healthy. Set course to one of the beach bars or restaurants scattered around the island and taste the delicacies that fuse tradition with the avant-garde.


Going to Ibiza with children is an ideal option for family vacations. The island adapts to all traveler profiles, although it is advisable to look for tranquility to avoid the excesses of the party. Water games can become great allies during the day, and a yacht will still be your best refuge at night.

Now you know that seeing Ibiza with children is a great plan.