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isla de Tagomago

Tagomago Island: everything you should know about this luxurious island


The island of Tagomago is one of the most luxurious enclaves in the whole Balearic archipelago. It is one of the islets of the White Island of difficult access due to the current restrictions of the Ibizan government, but it is not forbidden to visit. In this post, we tell you how is this space and what is the best way to visit the island of Tagomago in Ibiza and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

What is Tagomago Island like?

The island of Tagomago is a small islet located approximately one kilometer off the coast of Ibiza, near the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Río. It is a rock of great environmental protection that houses fauna and flora of great value. Es Vedrá and Sa Conillera are two other small promontories very close to Ibiza, a must to visit.

It is an eminently rocky territory, but in which there is also space for a private dwelling that can be rented, a beachcluband a lighthouse, located in the southeastern area, which was built in 1913. In addition to this there is also a harbor in the western area. The lighthouse is a very relevant reference point for maritime routes between the Balearic Islands and Catalonia.

The small islet is protected by the Balearic Parliament, the Coastal Law and the European Ecology Network. It is a refuge declared as a ZEPA area (Special Protection Area for Birds) and SCI (Site of Community Interest). The territory of the island of Tagomago extends for 1,525 meters long and 113 meters wide. Its maximum elevation reaches 86 meters above sea level. In short, a great jewel that needs a lot of protection.

Is it possible to visit this island?

Many consider that Tagomago Island is a private island and that, therefore, the visit to this enclave is not allowed, but the reality is not so. The housing located there is rented and, therefore, of exclusive and private use. But in the rest of the territory you can disembark freely and circulate along the regional road and a six-meter strip of publicly owned coastline..

The way to get to this islet is by boat or helicopter. Some companies offer transfer service from Ibiza. Another option, for us undoubtedly the best if you want to enjoy a unique experience, is to rent one of our luxury yachts in Ibiza Luxury Yachts. The views offered by the islet from the sea are exclusive.

The territory of this small island is very small, just 17 hectares, and not all of it is publicly owned, so many choose to visit the island without spending the night there, because that would require renting private housing in Tagomago. In any case, this visit to the island can serve to get to know its coastline and take a swim in its beaches.

Currently,the island is for sale, or at least the private territory of the islet, so that it can be acquired, even if this requires a powerful investment of millions of euros.


The island of Tagomago, together with other islets such as Es Vedrá and Sa Conillera, is an area of great importance in the Balearic Islands.

In conclusion, we can say that its visit is possible, although not very frequent among many tourists who are unaware of the beauty of the small island. What we can assure you is that only its sighting from the sea is already a spectacle worth enjoying. So, if you have the opportunity to rent a yacht, you have to make a great excursion to the island of Tagomago.