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Ibiza's most chic restaurants

The 5 most chic restaurants in Ibiza

If there is something to highlight about the island of Ibiza is its exquisite and varied gastronomy. In this post we show you the 5 chicest restaurants in Ibiza with which you will always be in the latest fashion. We recommend that, during your stay on the island, you visit at least one of them if you want to experience a unique sensation.  

If we add to this the unique atmosphere, its beautiful and amazing beaches and coves and its enviable nightlife, Ibiza is positioned as one of the favorite destinations for a few days of vacation marked by rest, disconnection and the desire to have fun. Even many celebrities and celebrities have opted for the island as their ideal destination. 

Finding the most chic restaurants in Ibiza is an easy and simple task, since practically all the establishments of the island have a special charm, a varied and delicious menu and an impressive decoration. Another favorable aspect is their convenient location, almost all of them are close to the strategic points of the island. 

The island of Ibiza exudes a hippie and bohemian atmosphere that extends throughout its territory and invites you to enter into a complete state of peace and harmony.

In this post we have compiled 5 of the chicest restaurants in Ibiza so you can be in fashion with the latest gastronomic trends in the country. Whether you are for sun and beach or if you prefer to get lost in the amazing streets of the city center, you are obliged to make a stop at one of the chicest restaurants in Ibiza. 

We assure you that the experience is well worth it.

5 of the most chic restaurants in Ibiza

Ibiza's most chic restaurants

  • Sa Brisa Gastro Bar

The charming and modern establishment of Sa Brisa Gastro Bar is located in the heart of the city Ibiza. It is characterized by its signature cuisine in the form of designer tapas. 

Its menu is composed of the best flavors from all over the world. Each bite will make your senses teleport through all the countries of the world tasting their best combinations. 

In addition, he shares a deep feeling for rescuing the island's native ingredients and products, which over time have ceased to be present in many kitchens. 

The friendliness of the staff, the detailed presentation of the dishes, and the accurate decoration of the restaurant offer a unique and unrepeatable experience in the area.

  • The Oliva

If your favorite type of tourism is touring the impressive streets and neighborhoods and finishing with a delicious meal in the city center, The Oliva restaurant is ideal for you. It is located in the center of Ibiza's old town, known as Dalt Vila and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Dalt Vila is the busiest and liveliest square in the old part of the city. Its cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and decorated facades give it a bohemian and romantic look. 

Although it has been offering its services for more than 25 years, it is one of the most chic restaurants in Ibiza today. Its menu is characterized by Mediterranean dishes with Asian touches. 

Its location, menu and staff make it worth a visit at least once in a lifetime.

  • Lips Reartes

One of the most chic restaurants in Ibiza is, without a doubt, Lips Reartes. Its owner, chef and proprietor, David Reartes, is able to attract people from all corners of the world and amaze them with his exquisite and delicious menu. In addition, the ambiance and decoration of the establishment collaborate in the unstoppable success of the establishment. 

The restaurant is divided into two parts, which offer different experiences: the restaurant itself and the beach area or beach club. In the first one you can taste a wide variety of dishes prepared with care and perfect details. In the second, the menu is somewhat simpler but you won't even have to leave your deckchair to enjoy the explosive cocktails. 

It is worth mentioning that the establishment is closely linked to the island's raw materials, organic Ibizan products and the highest quality.

  • Calma

Although you can enjoy the Calma restaurant and its delicious menu all year round, the best time to do so is in summer. Its large and elegant terrace located in front of the crystal clear waters offers stunning views of Dalt Vila, the oldest area of Ibiza town. 

It is highly recommended to book well in advance, as its demand is increasingly high. It has become one of the most chic restaurants in Ibiza at any time of the day, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Most of its star dishes are composed of different fresh fish accompanied by typical products of the island.

  • Amante

For those who think that summer vacations are for enjoying the heat, the sun and the beach, the Amante restaurant is the best option you will find. It is located on a cliff which offers extraordinary views, allowing you to see, even, the island of Formentera.  

It can be said that it is an obligatory stop if what you are looking for is to discover the most chic restaurants in Ibiza. The establishment is open all day and part of the night and, depending on when you decide to visit, the atmosphere is completely different.

During the day the beach is flooded with a romantic and relaxed atmosphere, while at nightfall, the party and the music take over the stage. The menu is simple but spectacular. 

Now that you know some of the most chic restaurants in Ibiza, you just have to decide which one is your favorite and enjoy a unique experience.