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sports in Ibiza

Is it possible to practice sports in Ibiza?

Sports in Ibiza are another great attraction of the island, but they remain in the background because the beaches, nightclubs or nature tourism always appear in the foreground.

However, this Balearic island also has in physical activity a great tourist attraction, and a good example of this is to speak of sports harbor in Ibiza, as it has up to eight locations with more than 2700 moorings, and not all are located in the island's capital, but are spread throughout the territory.

In this post we will demonstrate how it is possible to combine relaxation, beach and party with sports in Ibiza.

Por qué deberías practicar deportes en Ibiza

Ibiza is an incomparable setting for physical activity. Lovers of water sports, adventure and nature sports, mountain sports, hiking and also golf or horse riding are welcome on the island. Practically all sports can be practiced in Ibiza.

Ibiza is a sports paradise thanks to its mild climate, with average temperatures, mild winters and long summers. The island accumulates some 2,800 hours of sunshine per year and one of the great attractions is the possibility of practicing sports in Ibiza, in full contact with nature and enjoying postcard views of the Mediterranean.

Sports you can practice in Ibiza

From playing golf to hiking in Ibiza through a myriad of nautical activities. The White Island is a paradise for sports, and if you do not believe it, check it out with this small selection.

Water sports in Ibiza

The waves in the Mediterranean are not as powerful as in the Strait of Gibraltar or the north of the Iberian Peninsula, but on the Ibizan coast there are some very attractive surfing spots, such as Cala Nova in the north or Surf Lounge Ibiza, where we can find the artificial wave of San Antonio. Other interesting modalities are kitesurfing, windsurfing and paddle surfing. For the first two you will need a little wind.

If you want to combine water sports with adventure and landscapes, you may be interested in snorkeling or scuba diving. Cala d'en Serra, Cala Xarraca, Playa d'En Bossa, Punta Galera or Cala Moli are good places for these activities.

Golf in Ibiza

Another sporting activity that combines tourism with physical activity and is also associated with the hotel industry is the practice of golf. In Ibiza there is only one complete golf course, Golf Ibiza, with 18 holes. However, prior to this facility there was Roca Llisa, with nine holes, which belonged to the old Roca Llisa Club.

Currently, the two scenarios have joined to form a single club that includes two courses and 27 holes. A sufficient extension for the dimensions of Ibiza, which are barely 600 km².

Cycling and running on the island

Cycling enthusiasts will also find plenty of scenery for their sports in Ibiza. The area of Las Salinas, Santa Inés or Sant Mateu are roads with little traffic and exceptional for road cycling.

If we talk about mountain biking, the island also offers many trails and routes through the mountains that are shared by trail runners who travel those same trails on foot. For mountain races, two good scenarios are the Ses Salines Natural Park and Es Broll de Buscastell.


The possibility of practicing sports in Ibiza goes far beyond this small group of examples. The White Island is pure Mediterranean essence that has in physical activity one more attraction to ensure an excellent quality of life.

Now you know that, even if you spend your vacation days resting and disconnecting, you can still practice different types of sports in Ibiza to keep your figure.