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restaurantes en Ibiza con vistas al mar

Restaurants in Ibiza with sea views

Today is a double portion of enjoyment, the White Isle and some of the best restaurants. In Ibiza Luxury Yachts we have already published some post about restaurants, but now we refine the search with local seafront.

In this post, we show you some of the best restaurants in Ibiza with sea views. .

At first, the idea may seem out of our budget. However, if you have the opportunity to go and can afford a treat, we promise you that the experience will be well worth it.

Restaurants in Ibiza with sea views that you must visit

Is there anything more appealing than enjoying the island of Ibiza with a good lunch or dinner overlooking the sea? If you have doubts aboutwhere to eat in Ibiza, we hope these recommendations will help you.

Sun Sea Bar, a bar-restaurant that will surprise you with its cocktails.

This establishment is not in Ibiza capital, but in Sant Antoni de Portmany, on the west coast of the island. Situated next to the Passeig de Ponent, the restaurant has views of the islet of Conejera and is one of the most attractive settings in the whole of Ibiza for watching the sunset.

In short, one of the best, if not the best, restaurants in Ibiza overlooking the sea.

Returning to the restaurant, the Sun Sea Bar is open all year round and has a boat cocktail bar where traditional cocktails and surprising personal creations of the bartender are prepared. In addition, these same drinks can be enjoyed in the hammock area by the pool. The gastronomic section is also very outstanding and especially dominates the Mediterranean cuisine.

Ses Roques, in Comte beach

Also on the west coast, specifically on the beach of Comte, we find Ses Roques. This restaurant with views in Ibiza is a famous place that exudes seafood flavors. The Bullits de peix, traditional Ibizan fish stews, are the best option to discover the true essence of the island. The fish served at Ses Roques is fresh and directly brought from the sea, from the nearby coast.

But if there is something charming about this establishment is its large terrace, from which you can see some of the best beaches of Ibiza from afar and the natural reserve of the Illots de Ponents. As in the case of the Sun Sea Bar, the best time to have a good time in the restaurant is with the arrival of sunset, when the sun hides behind the islets giving way to the night.

Another classic restaurant in Ibiza with sea views.

El Carmen, an unbeatable place to enjoy Es Vedrà islet

A third proposal of restaurants with views in Ibiza, there are many more, is to visit El Carmen, in Cala d'Hort. Here the views are also enviable, specifically what you see by the sea is the islet of Es Vedrà, which is a widely photographed place in Ibiza.

The sunsets of Cala d'Hort are as spectacular as those mentioned above, and the same is true of the gastronomic offerings of El Carmen. The seafood and fish and seafood paellas are two of its great specialties. All very fresh and very tasty. A true sensory spectacle and one of the most special restaurants in Ibiza overlooking the sea.


The list of restaurants in Ibiza with sea views is practically endless, as more than 200 kilometers of coastline are enough for a lot. However, we hope from Ibiza Luxury Yachts that these recommendations will help you to make the most of your stay on the island.

So now you know, work up an appetite and enjoy at least one of the restaurants in Ibiza with sea views.