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Servicios Extras en el alquiler de yates

Extra Services

One of the main objectives that we have in Ibiza Luxury Yachts is to offer our clients the highest quality in our products and services, to make them enjoy their well-deserved dream holidays. All our yachts are equipped with the latest innovative technologies, giving them the modern look that distinguishes us from other companies.

All the products, services and facilities that make up our boats have been carefully selected, thinking only and exclusively in satisfying all the wishes of our customers.

If you are looking to put the finishing touches on the best holiday of your life, take a look at the wide range of extra services we offer and choose all the ones you want to enjoy and we will take care of the rest.

Somos la mejor opción para el Alquiler de Yates de Lujo en Ibiza.

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Car rental with or without driver

One of the most practical advantages that we offer from Ibiza Luxury Yachts is the possibility of renting a car and, in addition, requesting a driver to drive as well.
We have a wide range of cars, fully equipped, that fit the needs of all our guests.
In this way, you will be able to travel around all the corners and discover all the treasures that the mysterious island of Ibiza hides.
Whether you are one of those who enjoy driving every kilometre of the road or if you prefer to enjoy the views of the landscape through the window, rent your ideal car and you will not have to worry about anything else but choosing your favourite destinations and enjoying the journey.
As a complement, we also offer you the possibility of hiring a driver to take control of the car. This way, you will only have to decide where you want to go and the driver will do the rest.

Servicio de Alquiler de coches de lujo en Ibiza
servicio de consejeria yatch ibiza luxury

Counseling Service

One of the main objectives on which the policy of Ibiza Luxury Yachts focuses is to offer products, services and facilities of the highest quality to guarantee the enjoyment, luxury and well-being of all its guests.
To achieve this, we put at your disposal all our team, who will help and advise you on everything you want or need to know. From reservations in restaurants or hairdressers, tickets to discos or where the most charming flower shops are located, to which hiking routes to take or where to taste the best dishes on the island.
You only have to let them know that you need their advice and they will immediately get to work to satisfy all your wishes by offering the best products and services.

Make the purchase and
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In Ibiza Luxury Yachts you are the ones who matter.
That is why we offer you the possibility of choosing all the food, drinks or any other complement that cannot be missing in your ideal holidays.
All you have to do is think about what menu you want to try and choose all the ingredients you would like them to have and we will take care of bringing everything on board.
That easy, you will feel at home but in paradise.

Servicio de compra en yates de lujo
Servicio de Chef en tu Yate de lujo

Chef a bordo

At Ibiza Luxury Yachts we have thought of everything you need to spend a dream holiday during your stay in Ibiza. And that includes tasting the best delicacies of the island.
Sure you are a fanatic of cooking and a handyman of fires, but maybe in these days of rest you also want to disconnect a little from all that routine and sit at the table to enjoy the exquisite dishes, results of the quality ingredients that the island of Ibiza offers.
That's why we offer you the option of hiring a fully trained and experienced chef who will delight you with his best dishes and cocktails.
You also have the option of hiring his services in full or in different time slots: lunch, dinner or catering service.

Hiring a DJ

Do you want to become the best host giving the best boat party ever seen on the island of Ibiza?
If your answer is yes, in Ibiza Luxury Yachts we offer you an essential element that cannot be missing in your party to make it unforgettable: the best DJ.
If you want all your guests to be impressed with the quality and style of your party, hire the best DJ and you will not fail to receive praise and congratulations for your success.
From flamenco, tango, jazz or soul to metal, country, techno or reggae, you can ask him for all your favourite musical genres and he will adapt them to his own style to make you dance like crazy.
You can show off your party and create the best atmosphere on the island of Ibiza.

Servicio de DJ profesional para tu fiesta en tu Yate de Lujo
rental of water toys yatch ibiza luxury

Rental of water toys

Renting a luxury yacht during your stay in Ibiza should be an almost mandatory premise. It will make you enjoy a few days full of inexplicable emotions and sensations and never experienced before, that you can never forget.
At Ibiza Luxury Yachts, in addition to renting one of our yachts, we offer you the possibility of renting different water toys with which you will live amazing experiences while you enter the deepest part of the crystal clear waters of the island of Ibiza.
The range of toys that you have at your disposal is wide and varied and includes: Jet skis, Seabob equipment, Flyboard, water skis or snorkeling equipment, among others and as a novelty for 2021 the e-foil boards.
Your vacation days in Ibiza will become a unique and incomparable experience