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shopping in Ibiza

The most exclusive stores for shopping in Ibiza

We are sure that shopping in Ibiza will become one of your main hobbies. On the island there is no shortage of proposals from renowned international designers who are perfect connoisseurs of the good taste of visitors.

The plan is perfect: start the promenade in the morning to admire the beautiful coast of Ibiza, stop at some point of interest and take the opportunity to do some shopping before tasting any wonderful typical dish of its exquisite cuisine.

Isn't it a perfect plan? Believe us, it will be better than you are imagining if you put yourself in the hands of those who know how to charter your luxury yacht in Ibiza, who best identify your needs and who offer you all the services so you don't have to worry about anything.

Now you are more than ready to spend a day shopping in Ibiza.

A shopping tour in Ibiza

The clothing stores in Ibiza attract thousands of fashion lovers every year, although it is not necessary to be a fan of trends to want to dress well. There are many options, but we highlight some of the most popular among the shopping in Ibiza.

1. Between pop ups in La Marina

Marina Ibiza is one of the most exclusive luxury shopping areas in Europe. It is the ideal place to wrap yourself with that halo of sophistication you are looking for, and it is accredited as a 5-star port.

The area is home to the best international fashion and accessories brands, such as Loewe Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Bulgari, Tag Heuer and more. Some of them mount the so-called pop-up stores for a limited time, coinciding with the summer months as high season.

2. Fashion adlibitum, essential

Some of the brands mentioned are present in any other tourist destination, but there are items that you can only find in Ibiza stores. This is the case with adlib fashion, which was born on the island and captures the essence of that Ibizan style that invites you to dress as you want, but always with style. It comes from Ad Libitum, which means freedom.

Among the best adlib fashion stores is Charo Ruiz, who has a boutique in the Aguas de Ibiza hotel in Santa Eulalia. Meanwhile, Beatrice San Francisco's store you should visit in the famous Las Dalias flea market, which has a more relaxed night version in the summer months.

3. Multi-brand luxury stores

Shopping, or at least visiting, the multi-brand luxury stores is a must during a day of shopping in Ibiza.

La Marina has dedicated an area exclusively to luxury, but outside of it you also have options. In the same city of Ibiza, just five minutes drive from La Marina and located on Avenida D'Ignasi Wallis, is Mayurka. It is a store dedicated for more than 30 years to the sale of luxury garments and ready-to-wear, so they will serve you with an exquisite treatment.

Another option is Luz Ibiza, on Calle de la Virgen in the same city. It is a multi-brand store with fashion and accessories made in small series, then ideal for those who like to feel original and unique. The interior is ready to envelop you from the moment you walk through the door.


All in all, shopping in Ibiza is one of the pastimes you can practice when you come to the island.

In few places in the world will you find more variety, from charming markets where you can find exclusive products, to internationally renowned brands that sell their capsule collections in Ibiza.

Without forgetting, of course, the typical Ibizan fashion that will impregnate you with the free spirit that is the essence of the island.

So you know, coming shopping in Ibiza can become one of your favorite activities.