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stores and markets in ibiza

The best stores and markets in Ibiza

The largest of the Pitiusas Islands stands out as a paradise for the world of shopping and shopping and fashion fanatics. If you continue reading this post, you will discover the best and most exclusive stores and flea markets in Ibiza with which to be always in the latest .

The whole territory that covers the island of Ibiza is marked by an air and a bohemian, hippie and romantic style that is clearly reflected in Ibiza fashion. The wide variety of stores and, above all, their shop windows, compete for the first place in the ranking of the most chic and original stores.

If there is something that stands out in Ibiza fashion is the popular adlib fashion, unique and characteristic of the island of Ibiza. For those who still do not know it, here we bring essential information that will make you go crazy with desire to get some of their clothes as soon as possible.

What is adlib fashion?

If you have traveled to Ibiza, surely you have seen hundreds of people with simple but very striking clothes. And I'm sure you've become curious about where to get them and want to get your hands on some as soon as possible. 

Straw hats, esparto grass slippers and espadrilles and wide white dresses are some of the most common clothes of the adlib fashion. A unique style that can only be seen in Ibiza. 

The history of the origin of adlib fashion has a close and deep relationship with two different cultures: the traditional Ibicencan clothing and the lightness of the hippies clothing. The combination of both styles and cultures in the 60's provoked the birth of this new and popular fashion.  

The success was so unstoppable that, years later, the Ibiza Fashion Week, also known as Pasarela Adlib, was created. The event began to be held in the 70s and today is still celebrated every spring. 

stores and markets in ibiza

Ibiza's most popular stores and markets

Making the most of a stay on the island of Ibiza is a piece of cake. The wide range of plans that can be made range from visiting the best beaches and coves and the city center, to renting a luxury yacht or practicing some sport

But do not forget to visit the stores and markets of Ibiza and take some souvenirs of the island. In this post we make a tour of some of the most popular and busy stores and markets in Ibiza.

Dalt Vila and Port of Ibiza

Shopping in the heart of the city is undoubtedly one of the best options if you want to find all kinds of typical Ibizan products. Here are concentrated the most modern and original stores. 

We recommend you start at Paseo de Vara del Rey and go to Calle de La Virgen, the neighborhood of La Marina and end at the Port of Ibiza. This last area is full of stalls with souvenirs, merchandising from the most fashionable nightclubs, handicraft products and clothes and accessories of Ibizan fashion. 

The main advantage is that you can adapt your tourist route without any problems, since it is not necessary to travel to the outskirts of the city to visit them.  

However, if you are looking for the most international fashion, you will have to divert your route to Avenida Bartomeu de Roselló, also known as 'the street of stores'. There you will find all the big and well-known multinational brands.

Santa Eulalia del Río

One of the most remarkable and welcoming small towns on the island of Ibiza is Santa Eulalia de los Ríos. It is full of stores of all kinds, especially of small commerce. Its access is very easy and its atmosphere is very quiet. 

The main reference area is the seafont promenade and Sant Jaume Street. 

In summer there is a famous street market in Passeig de S'Alamera, where exclusive products such as handicrafts, accessories and jewelry stand out.

Markets and Hippy Market

stores and markets in ibiza

The Eivissa marketsare the ideal places to buy some of the typical products of the island. Most of them have been handmade, taking care of each and every detail. 

They are also places where you can find a wide variety of Ibicencan foods such as honey, cheese, sweets and even the characteristic salt of Ibiza, which is usually attributed with energetic and regenerative properties. 

Some of the most famous Hippy Markets on the island are Las Dalias, Punta Arabí, and the street markets of Sant Joan, San Rafael and Sant Jordi. Visiting any of them creates unique experiences, not only for the variety and quality of their purchases, but also for the incredible and lively atmosphere they have: live music, exclusive food stalls, exhibitions, activities for all ages and much more. 

Now you know that if you are organizing a dream vacation, a mandatory stop is to go to the stores and markets of Ibiza and soak up its style and atmosphere.