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mejores museos de Ibiza

The best museums in Ibiza and why you should visit them

Visiting one of the amazing museums of Ibiza is an opportunity to learn about the island, its history, traditions and customs. If Ibiza enchants thousands of visitors, who repeat every year, it is not only because of its spectacular scenery and climate. The island has a lot to offer.

Our recommendation is that you plan a complete trip with a variety of plans: exciting days at sea, cultural sessions to learn, partying until late, tasting typical delicacies and, of course, visiting the museums of Ibiza.

As you know, everything is possible in Ibiza, and everything is at your fingertips.

1. Necropolis of Puig des Molins

The Museu Monogràfic Puig de Molins extends over an ancient cemetery. It is the best preserved necropolis in the Mediterranean, and it is very extensive. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the late 1990s, and its origins date back to the late seventh century and the old Phoenician village.

You must visit it because you will be able to enter in some hypogeum. These are excavated funerary constructions of which more than 3000 have been found in this immense necropolis.

2. Contemporary Art Museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza is a mandatory stop for art lovers. It has been declared as one of the best and most amazing museums in Ibiza. It has almost 2000 square meters and rooms in which to admire works from its permanent and temporary collection.

Among the reasons why you should visit are the artists Tàpies and Miralles, along with other lesser known, but equally appreciated artists. In addition, the museum reopened in 2012 with a new glass building in the old gardens that houses the permanent exhibitions. When the work was carried out, Punic dwellings from the 4th century BC were discovered, which have also been integrated into the complex and can be admired through the transparent floor.

3. Puget Museum

The Puget Museum is another of the best museums in Ibiza that you must visit. We recommend your visit because it is installed in a noble house of Dalt Vila. It is estimated that its oldest part dates from the fifteenth century. But we do not detract from the collection of more than 100 works signed by Narcís Puget Riquer and Narcís Puget Viñas, as they are painting oils and watercolors of costumbrista style that reflect how life was on the island during the first half of the twentieth century.

This is the third of the recommended museums in Ibiza that you will find in this beautiful city. An ideal plan is to arrive early to Marina Ibiza with your luxury yacht rented, our most modern marina. It is the most modern on the island, and will surprise you with its architecture. After the usual stroll through the city, including the museums, Lío Ibiza will delight you with a succulent dinner and a cabaret show.

4. Museum of Ethnography

The Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza is in Santa Eulalia. You can visit a 300-year-old farmhouse, Can Ros, and admire objects that were part of the lives of the inhabitants of the island: clothes, jewelry, household items, farm implements and even musical instruments and weapons. If you want to learn about the history of Ibiza, this is an entertaining way to do it.


Visiting museums in Ibiza is an opportunity to soak up art or learn about the history, customs and traditions of an island that has so much to offer. The best way to get the most out of your visit is to focus on enjoying yourself, and for that you need professionals to take care of everything. At Ibiza Luxury Yachts we not only offer fully equipped yachts, we also provide other services such as airport transfers and provisioning so that you will not be short of anything.

Don't wait any longer and start planning your next luxury vacation, starting by choosing which museums in Ibiza you are going to visit first.