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The best landscapes to do yoga in Ibiza


Do you feel like practicing some yoga in Ibiza while enjoying some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world?

If you are passionate about the world of yoga and love to practice it everywhere you go, this post is totally for you.

Ibiza is a very popular tourist destination and at the same time is a territory that offers a high quality of life for those fortunate enough to spend a good part of the year on the island. Its attractions are not limited only to being one of the world capitals of techno and nightlife, as the proximity to nature also makes it an ideal setting for relaxation, wellness and rest. We see it with the association between yoga and Ibiza.

Places to do yoga in Ibiza

To practice yoga in Ibiza you only need your mat and find a good place to perform this physical activity that combines relaxation with aerobic exercise. The first place we recommend is not a beach, a promenade or a lighthouse, but directly the sea, from one of our yachts that you can rent in Ibiza Luxury Yachts.

On the deck of our boats, looking at the horizon, you can find that connection between nature, yoga and quiet life that you so desire. An experience you should live at least once in your life.

Cliffs of d'Hort cove

The beach of Cala d'Hort, west of Ibiza, is a spectacular place to place the mat and practice yoga in Ibiza. From the cliffs that lead to the path of the tower des Savinar a beautiful image of the islet of Es Vedrá is offered. The beach, but not the cliffs, is small, especially in width, which is about 25 meters. However, more than enough space to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Vadella Cove

Another very attractive corner where yoga classes are taught in Ibiza is Cala Vadella, considered one of the best beaches in Ibiza. It is located about eight kilometers from Sant Josep and has dimensions of 250 meters long with a width between 50 and 80 meters. It is a wide, white and easily accessible sandy beach. However, it is a very busy beach throughout the day, so if you are looking for an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, it is best to go early in the morning.

Des Moscarter lighthouse

Also known as Sa Punta des Moscarter lighthouse, this maritime infrastructure was built between 1975 and 1977. Its particular design, with a black helical stripe on a white background is very striking, as well as the fact that since its origin it has been automatic. It is located in the north of the island, in Portinatx, and is an excellent place to do yoga in Ibiza looking out to sea.

D'en Bossa beach, in Ibiza town

Without having to leave the city of Ibiza itself, one of its most popular beaches, d'en Bossa, is also a scenario in which we can see many people practicing yoga on a daily basis. This beach is one of the longest in the whole city, with more than two kilometers long, and offers a high offer of active leisure: water activities, beach sports and services of all kinds.


Doing yoga in Ibiza is like reconnecting with nature but from the sea, because the island itself is not understood without this relationship so close to the sea and traditional lifestyles. The White Island is much more than sun and beach tourism, relaxation and wellness coexist perfectly with its busy nightlife.