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best restaurants in Ibiza

The best restaurants in Ibiza in summer

If you are going to visit the largest of the Pitiusas Islands, it is mandatory to make a stop at one of the best restaurants in Ibiza and enjoy the delicious dishes offered on their menus.

In recent years, the island known as the White Isle has positioned itself as one of the most popular and frequent summer destinations along the Mediterranean coast. And if there is something that stands out Ibiza, like the rest of the Balearic Islands, is the exquisite gastronomy it offers. 

In this post we show five of the best restaurants in Ibiza to enjoy the best food and typical products of the island and delight with the explosive combinations included in each of their menus.

Although some of them are open all year round, it is best to visit them during the summer season, as this is when they are at their best and their atmosphere is most welcoming. We hope you enjoy at least one of the best restaurants in Ibiza.

Tour of the best restaurants in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is full of restaurants, beach clubs and many other establishments where you can soak up the Ibizan air and feel while tasting unique and typical creations of the island.  

This list includes restaurants for all types of palates and for those who want to respect their diet and eat healthy as well as for those who prefer to throw it away and enjoy eating to the fullest.


The Aubergine restaurant stands out for offering with its dishes a direct approach 'from farm to table'. It is run by the Atzaró team and is located between the towns of Santa Gertrudis and San Miguel. 

Their menu consists of a multitude of healthy Mediterranean dishes, ranging from veggie burgers and avocado salads to chicken with chickpeas or whole wheat spaghetti with eggplant. All dishes feature fresh, natural foods and products from the island itself.

best restaurants in Ibiza


Although it has not yet become well known, the Laylah restaurant is rising like the foam in the ranking of best restaurants in Ibiza. It is the latest culinary creation of Olivia Fleury and Oren Heknin. 

One of the highlights of Laylah is that its menu offers a wide variety of delicious dishes to share and a detailed cocktail menu. 

They offer everything from grilled eggplant with almonds and Greek yogurt to fresh oysters and tuna tartar with aioli.

Taller de tapas

The popular and well-known Taller de tapas is located in the fishing district of the city center. As its name suggests, in the local you can enjoy a wide range of tapas accompanied with delicious and exclusive local wines.  

All the elaborations of his dishes use local products, to which the chef, Boris Buono, adds some Scandinavian touches to make them unique.


The Roto restaurant is only a few months old and has already managed to climb positions to become one of the best restaurants in Ibiza. Under the command of Miguel Sancho, the establishment is located at the top of the neighborhood of La Marina, which offers amazing views that reach even the island of Formentera. 

The menu is traditional but exquisite. Diners can enjoy typical dishes of the island, salads with fresh products and explosive cocktails.

La Paloma

One of the most acclaimed places in Ibiza for more than fifteen years to enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine is La Paloma. Although an Italian chef is at the helm of the kitchen, all dishes focus on local and fresh ingredients to achieve the best combinations to amaze all palates. 

It stands out for its homemade charcuterie and authentic Parmesan cheese and for the colorful gardens that surround the premises.

These are some of the main and best restaurants in Ibiza where you can let yourself be surprised by the specialties offered by each one.