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The best wineries in Ibiza for wine tourism

Visiting one of Ibiza's wineries offers the perfect combination of rural tourism, culture, good food and good wine. The island has much to offer beyond the coast, so head inland because a magnificent day awaits you.

If you are a wine lover, an experience such as visiting the wineries of Ibiza will allow you to discover its complex and impressive winemaking process. In the wine tasting of the wineries of Ibiza you will learn to appreciate all the nuances thanks to the indications of expert winemakers.

The best wineries in Ibiza

In addition to the wine, a visit to a winery is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the mid Ibizan landscapes. The wineries of Ibiza, moreover, are buildings with a lot of tradition and tradition in which those responsible will be happy to receive you.

These are some of the reasons why we recommend that if you are going to spend several days on the island, organize an excursion to the most famous and well-known wineries in Ibiza.

Sounds like a very appetizing plan, right? Well, these are our suggestions of the best wineries in Ibiza for you.

1. Sa Cova Winery

It is the oldest winery in Ibiza, and is located in the town of Sant Mateu. Here you will discover the secrets of the elaboration of its wine in the hands of the owners, who will explain to you all its history from its origins.

Of course, the experience will culminate with an exquisite tasting of their wines, a total of four, and will be accompanied by a delicious selection of local products.

A whole experience of flavors.

2. Can Maymó Winery

Three types of red wine come out of its facilities: tradition, merlot and barrel. In addition to a rosé and a white. One of the most remarkable aspects of this winery is that it has enough variety and quality for a small family winery that was launched in 1995, when Antonio Costa made the purpose of reforming and expanding the facilities.

From its Sant Mateu vineyards grow the native varieties monastrell and malvasia, while Santa Agnès gives rise to merlot, tempranillo and syrah for its red wines. To learn more about their history, we recommend you pay them a long visit.

3. Can Rich Winery

It begins to roll in 1997 with 17 hectares of vineyards where traditional and foreign varieties are planted. Two years later the winery was built, and its new plantation today occupies an exceptional place in the Natural Park of Ses Salines.

They apply the precepts of organic agriculture, as they understand production from the respect for culture and nature. You can make an appointment by phone for a guided tour with tastings of their products.

4. Ibizkus Winery

It produces rosé, red and white wines with local grapes, Monastrell and Malvasia, making them 100% Ibizan wines. It was founded in 2007 as Totem Wines and has already established itself as one of the leaders on the island.

What you will like the most is its tasting room, which turns it into a tapas cellar in Ibiza. Everything is designed to provide you with a good experience: interior and terrace, soft melodies and a careful menu with local and national dishes to pair with their wines.


In short, visiting some of the wineries in Ibiza will give you a contact with oenology that will help you to appreciate wine, will introduce you to the rural world of Ibiza and will leave you with a great taste in your mouth. When you return to your boat and taste a glass of wine, it will surely taste better.

So now you know, let yourself be impressed by the amazing wineries of Ibiza.