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gastronomy of Formentera

The gastronomy of Formentera

The finishing touch to a well-deserved vacation of rest and disconnection is to taste the best delicacies of the gastronomy of Formentera.

And it is not only its beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters and its incredible cliffs that stand out, but the exquisite cuisine of Formentera also leads the success.

At first, Formentera may not be considered a gastronomic destination, but as soon as you get to know the wonders it hides, you will discover that it is eaten in luxury.

Thus, it can be said that Formentera is the result of the combination of beautiful beaches and coves and an exquisite gastronomy.

Here are some of the most delicious typical dishes of Formentera and the best restaurants where you can sit down to taste them, while you plan what to see and do during your stay on the island.

gastronomy of Formentera

The gastronomy of Formentera

The exquisite and delicate gastronomy of Formentera has become a favorite among travelers who have spent a few days of disconnection and luxury on the island. The reasons why Formentera's gastronomy has experienced this boom are obvious: the quality of its products.

Here are some of the most popular dishes of Formentera's gastronomy.

Peasant salad with peix sec
Although it may seem a simple dish, it is one of the favourites among tourists. It is a salad with seasonal products from the garden, such as tomatoes, peppers or onions. It has two star products: the peix sec, a dried fish that adds a salty touch to the garden products, and the bescuit, an elaborate, toasted and rehydrated bread typical of the island.

Frit de Polp
On most of the islands, octopus is prepared in a stew. It is cooked over a low heat and accompanied by vegetables. It is a simple but exquisite dish that is usually served as tapas in bars.

Lobster with fried eggs and Formentera potatoes
We could say that it is the most famous dish on the island of Formentera, so at least once in your life you have to try it. It is usually made and served together in the same paella, although some restaurants serve lobster first and then fried eggs and potatoes.

Calamars a la brut
On Formentera they have a very peculiar way of preparing squid. They cut them up and cook them with seasonal vegetables such as onions, peppers or aubergines, and add sobrassada. It is a very simple but delicious dish and very difficult to find outside the gastronomy of the island of Formentera.

It is the sweetest typical dessert of Formentera. It is made using the ensaimadas from the day before. It consists of egg, cinnamon, caramel and milk. It is very common to find it in the ovens of small towns.

The island of Formentera is full of restaurants where you can taste any of these typical dishes.

Here are some of the best restaurants rated by tourists on the island to enjoy the gastronomy of Formentera.

Beso Beach
The Beso Beach restaurant offers one of the best rice dishes in the Ses Illetes beach area. It is characterized by its incredible party atmosphere, which lasts until sunset. In case you go by boat, the restaurant puts its zodiac (small rubber boat) at your disposal. There is also the option of taking your order to your boat.

Can Dani
The restaurant Can Dani has a Michelin Star. It does not offer views, but in exchange it has an incredible and magical terrace. The dishes are prepared with a lot of love and are characterized by the Mediterranean flavour. It offers two possibilities: a paired menu or a varied menu.

Can Carlos
It is one of the quintessential restaurants on the island of Formentera. Italian food is its speciality. It is characterised by its distinguished atmosphere, the details of its dishes and its magnificent menu.

Es Caló
It is another of the classic restaurants on the island, but this one focuses on good seafood. All the details are focused on offering the best quality dishes, accompanied by the incredible views.

Gecko Beach
It is the beach club par excellence on the island. The quality of its products and the good service of its staff is what drives its success. It offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it's up to you to choose whether you want to try a 'home-cooked' meal or a much more formal one.

These are just some of the typical dishes that crown the gastronomy of Formentera and the best restaurants where you can taste them, but there is a wide range of possibilities that you can discover during your visit to the island.