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gastronomy of Ibiza

The gastronomy of Ibiza

If there is something for which the island stands out is the exquisite gastronomy of Ibiza, apart from the natural beauty of its beaches and coves and its famous and renowned nightlife.

The proximity and quality of the products used to make the best stews and recipes have led to the amazing success of the island's cuisine.

It is very common that sometimes certain recipes are lost or not prepared due to lack of time, but in Ibiza, where calm and tranquility prevail, this does not happen.

Below, we propose some typical dishes of Ibiza that you have to taste during your stay and the best restaurants where you can find them.

gastronomy of Ibiza

The best gastronomy in Ibiza

Ibiza's gastronomy has become one of the most exquisite in the world. The variety and quality of its dishes are the fundamental reason for this rise.

Ratjada erasure
It is one of the least known but most simple and tasty dishes in Ibiza. It is made with skate and potatoes in a casserole with hard-boiled egg, garlic, parsley and chopped almonds.

Bullit de peix and arroz a banda
This plate is made up of two parts. The first consists of fresh rock fish, which can be snapper, rust, moray, grouper, etc.), boiled with Ibizan potatoes with classic aioli or saffron pagès. The resulting broth is used to prepare arroz a banda (rice with cuttlefish).

Guisat de peix
It consists of a base of sofrito, potatoes and fish that the area, accompanied by a traditional chopped almonds and ñoras. The difference with the bullit de peix is that this one is more brothy and does not have second class rice.

Sofrit pagès
In the past, it was an elaborate Christmas decoration, but now it is a classic at any time. Its pork, lamb and chicken are boiled and a garlic sauce with potatoes and paprika is added.

Every good meal should end with a dessert to match. Flaó is like a cake made with fresh sheep and goat cheese, mint and aniseed.

Best restaurants in Ibiza

Ibiza stands out for being a place full of life, leisure and fun. Its streets are full of restaurants where you can taste some of the most delicious and traditional dishes of the island.

gastronomy of Ibiza

Below is a list of the best restaurants rated exclusively by tourists, where you can taste the best gastronomy in Ibiza.

  • It's a swallow.
    "Rooted in tradition, we create explosive morsels by applying new techniques with care and respect for the product".
  • Can Berri Vell
    "Tradition and environment. An authentic Ibizan house from the 17th century".
  • Flavors of Ibiza
    "A collective effort of producers, fishermen, processors and restaurateurs to spread the gastronomy of Ibiza, the city and the traditions rooted in the Ibizan people".
  • Lover Ibiza
    "Located in a spectacular cove, Amante is perfect for those who wish to relax in luxurious surroundings and on the beach".
  • Tanit Beach Ibiza
    "The goddess of love Tanit derives from Eastern mythology, she is the goddess of fertility and the moon, worshipped for centuries on the Western Mediterranean. She resides on the White Island overlooking its crystalline waters and golden sand beaches".
  • La Gaia Ibiza Restaurant
    "With chef Óscar Molina at the helm of the kitchen, La Gaia has designed a culinary proposal capable of transporting the most exquisite palates to other worlds".

If you still have doubts or questions about the exquisiteness and delicacy of Ibiza's gastronomy, see for yourself the quality of its products and elaborations by visiting and tasting some of the typical dishes in these well-known restaurants.