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restaurantes más lujosos de Ibiza

The most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza

Are you planning your next dream vacation but you still don't know which are the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza?

In Luxury Yachts we have already told you about the most chic restaurants of the White Island and also the most recommended to visit in summer. This time we continue in the field of gastronomy, but to introduce you to the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza, which for many are the best restaurants in Ibiza. Among them, we must make special mention to the most expensive restaurant in the world.

What are the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza?

The most expensive restaurant in the world is in Ibiza, but in this list we point out some more worth knowing. Stay with us, we're sure your mouth will be watering and you haven't even tried them yet!

We warn before anything else that this list is practically incomplete, since the offer of the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza is almost infinite. This is a small selection of the best rated spaces, taking into account the quality and treatment.

Sublimotion, a different bet among the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza

The most expensive restaurant in the world is located in Ibiza, known as Sublimotion. The price of the menu is around 1500 euros. The reason for this is that eating there is not only to enjoy impressive recipes, but to enter into a unique immersive experience. The place has only one table suitable for twelve diners. It has been awarded three Michelin stars and there you can experience sensations such as dishes that float in the air, a table that serves as a stage for projections and even illusionist tricks.

Eduardo Gonzáles as manager and Paco Roncero as chef are the architects of this space, an idea that goes beyond the kitchen and that motivates the high price to pay, because the sensations experienced in Sublimotion are unique.

Blue Marlin, in Cala Jondal

In the southwest of the island is one of the most famous and famous beach clubs in Ibiza. The well-known Blue Marlin is one of those luxury restaurants that appears in all the gastronomic guides of the island. And the truth is that we are not surprised at all. It is a place usually frequented by cool, rich and famous people who come to the establishment by sea, as the place offers a boat cab service to leave the yacht in the sea and go comfortably.

Its gastronomic offer thoroughly develops Mediterranean cuisine but fusing it with Oriental themes. At the same time, this setting is perfect for cocktails or enjoying the beach in some of its VIP beds. In short, an explosive combination of luxury and wellness.

Lío Ibiza

This is one of the most visited restaurants in the island capital. It is located in the port of Marina Ibiza and offers spectacular night views of the castle of Dalt Vila. In turn, it is a good place to, after eating, set course to Formentera from a catamaran or sailboat. If you want to go faster, by yacht the trip is completed in about half an hour.

Lío Ibiza is a unique restaurant, as it offers dancing shows, cabaret, salsa, live music and even performances with acrobatics and pirouettes. Lío belongs to the Pacha Group, the well-known discos.


Knowing the the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza is one more reason to continue discovering the island. In addition, many of these places can be reached comfortably by yacht, which adds luxury to these experiences. Would you like to enjoy them?

If with all this, we still haven't convinced you, come and live in first person the incredible experience of eating in one of the most luxurious restaurants in Ibiza, we are sure you will repeat!