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Water sports in Ibiza: all the options offered by the island

The water sports in Ibiza is another attraction of the island. We show it to you in detail in this post.

Ibiza is a territory irremediably dedicated to nightlife, DJs and hippie culture. But beyond this, the White Island is also the scene of numerous beaches and coves, charming villages, movie sunsets and even an unbeatable place for the practice of physical activity.

Why practice water sports in Ibiza?

The answer to this question is simple. More than 200 kilometers of coastline where you can practice water sports on and under the beach. From scuba diving to paddle surfing to kayaking excursions. You could almost say that you can get ready to play in the Olympic Games by practicing any water sport in Ibiza.

The activities in Ibiza related to water sports merge in different modalities thephysical conditioning and the playful and explorer character, because enjoying the Posidonia meadows while diving is a real gift.

These are the water sports you can practice in Ibiza

The list of sports activities to practice in Ibiza is very extensive, so much so that we could not set a closed number. The island offers an incomparable framework ranging from water sports on the beach to adventure, mountain or even aerial activities. Today we focus exclusively on those beach and sea sports, the favorite ones for the most daring and adventurous people.

Sailing, the Olympic sport that has brought the most medals to Spain

Although sailing is more associated with the island of Mallorca, in Ibiza there are also several schools that offer courses to get started in this sport. From just 600 euros you can become patron of pleasure craft, yacht or captain. And for less money, you can do your sailing yachting. A real experience.

The best place to practice this sport is Sant Antoni de Portmany, although there are other locations, such as Ibiza or Santa Eulalia, with centers to learn in depth how to sail a boat.

Beach sports

A second option that we propose for water sports in Ibiza, are the sports on the beach, those practiced in the sea, along the coast.

Here you will find kitesurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, speedboarding, paddle surfing, windsurfing, and even surfing, the most popular of these sports that has in Cala Nova or Aguas Blancas two unbeatable settings. And if this is not enough for you, you can also go on kayaking excursions.

In addition, on many beaches you can rent pedal skates, try the banana ski bus, jet skis and a long list of recreational activities that are also related to water sports in Ibiza.

Diving and snorkeling

The conditions for diving and snorkeling in Ibiza are perfect. Waters ranging between 14 and 29 degrees Celsius throughout the year allow not having to wear a wetsuit at many times. The clarity of the waters and the rich marine biodiversity are two other reasons that invite you to get into the sea.

Therefore, we propose these two sports as another alternative to water sports in Ibiza.

On the coast of Ibiza you can see shipwrecks, caves and submerged islands, large reefs and the magnificent spectacle of marine animals. Of the scenarios to practice these underwater modalities in Ibiza we already told you about them on another occasion. Do not miss the opportunity to dive when you visit the island.


The water sports in Ibiza is one more attraction of the island. It has also become one more reason to discover all that this scenario can offer you, although this time, also under the sea.