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Beach weddings in Ibiza: how to organize a perfect wedding

Weddings in Ibiza on the beach are synonymous with dream weddings, so it is not surprising that many couples choose the island to say "I do". Imagine yourself in front of the person you love, surrounded by friends and family, in a magical setting and at the party of your life.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, we recommend you to read on to learn all about weddings in Ibiza.

Why your wedding should be held in Ibiza

Something tells us that you don't need to find a reason why to celebrate weddings in Ibiza, but something to convince you for what is already on your mind: getting married on the beautiful Mediterranean island. To give you that last push, here are some extra reasons.

1. In the spirit of love and freedom

Ibiza was one of the international stages of the hippie movement, and its spirit is still very present in the day to day life of the island. In fact, it was the one that served as the germ of adlib fashion, which is 100% Ibiza, and is characterized by white and ethereal designs. A good common thread for weddings in Ibiza.

2. For linking the wedding with the honeymoon

If you're getting married in Ibiza, the special honeymoon you're looking for can start the same night. Rent the luxury yachtyou deserve to treat each other with a gift while you enjoy your love, and wake up the next day on a cloud: the memories of the day before, a breakfast overlooking the sea and the island's landscapes, and the person you love close to you.

3. For giving you the homage you deserve

Ibicencan cuisine is famous for knowing how to combine the essence of Mediterranean tradition with avant-garde techniques that take recipes to another level. There is no wedding without a gastronomic tribute, which also includes good wines and liquors.

How to organize a beach wedding in Ibiza

It's normal to be tempted by dream weddings on the beach, even more so if you have thought about an adlib wedding or if you especially enjoy the sea. Keep in mind these basic tips so that everything goes smoothly.

1. Check the legal requirements

It should be the first check of your list. Keep in mind that beach weddings in Ibiza are not authorized, but that doesn't mean you can't get married in front of the sea with the sunset in the background.

What you can't do is get married on the sand itself, but you can get married in one of the many hotels and restaurants just a few meters from the shore that are scattered along the coast.

2. Start well in advance

Keep in mind that Ibiza is a very popular destination, so you should close the date at least one year in advance. It is enough time to book the place of the ceremony and the banquet, the hotels to accommodate the guests, the means of transport to be used and all the wedding services: photography and video, makeup, hairdresser, florists, music...

3. Put yourself in the hands of professionals

If you live abroad and do not know the island well, do not worry. There are plenty of 100% professional local advisors who will help you complete paperwork, contact suppliers, clear your doubts about legal aspects, etc.

There is no need to leave anything to improvisation when planning weddings in Ibiza.

4. Provide a complete experience for your guests

You can look for your guests' accommodation yourself with or without professional help, or send them proposals from the same area for them to take care of. You should hire a transportation service so they do not have to travel by car, as well as varied activities for before and after the wedding. They will be in Ibiza and will want to take advantage of it! Go sailing at sunset, have dinner in a cove, take a trip to the interior... There are hundreds of things to do.


These are more than enough reasons to celebrate weddings in Ibiza. There are thousands of possible configurations to find the one that best suits you and many professionals at your service. Weddings in Ibiza on the beach generate the best memories of a special day, so do not give up your dream.