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sunrise in Ibiza

Where to enjoy the best sunrise in Ibiza

Are you willing to go on vacation to the White Island and get up early? Presumably the answer would be no, but surely you will change your mind when you read the following proposals to get to know the sunrise in Ibiza. All these places will leave you fascinated, but if you still decide not to get out of bed so early, do not worry, we also bring you postcards for the sunset of the day..

Where you can see the sunrise in Ibiza

Remember that the sun rises in the east, so if you want to see the sunrise in Ibiza, move to one of the following points with enough time not to be late..

Las Salinas Beach

This beach is one of the most crowded of the whole island, but if you want to live a moment of peace and an emotional and beautiful awakening of the day, this is your corner. Remember that the sun rises before 7 am in summer, do not delay..

Bossa Beach

The advantage of the Bossa beach is that it is located next to one of the busiest nightlife areas in Ibiza. This makes it easier to see the sunrise in Ibiza, because you can be partying and just check the time, when they are approaching 6 am, you approach the shore and contemplate the dawn.

Talamanca Beach

This scenario is located very close to Ibiza town, so you have no excuses if you spend the night in the capital. This area is one of the most exclusive and there are good restaurants, cafes and beach bars. In fact, the Bar Flotante is known as one of the most recommended places to watch the sunrise in Ibiza.

Aguas Blancas Cove

A last proposal is the cove of Aguas Blancas, a small beach between San Carlos and the cove of San Vicente. Here the added attraction is thenatural and wild environment of this area of the island. Aigua Blanca is also a perfect place for snorkeling. As in the previous cases, do not arrive much later than 6 am in summer.

sunrise in Ibiza

Where to see the best sunsets in Ibiza

The sunset of the day is, if possible, more spectacular than the beginning. Watching the sunset on the island is a luxury for which you don't have to get up early, you just need to know at what time it sets in Ibiza. We recommend the best sunsets in Ibiza.

Benirrás beach

Located in the north of the territory, about 10 minutes from San Miguel by car, this beach of fine sand with some stones is what for many is the best sunset in Ibiza. And if you like to merge more with the horizon, our proposal is to enjoy this spectacle of colors on the edge of one of our yachts.

Es Codolar beach

This beach is located near Playa d'en Bossa, although it is much quieter and less visited. In part this is because it is covered with stones and pebbles. Nevertheless, the sunset is one of the most beautiful of the island. And if you do not want to damage your feet, watch the best sunset in Ibiza from a yacht.

Remember that the longest day of the year is in San Juan, when summer begins. For that date, sunset is around 21:30, but the process of dusk is prolonged by approximately half an hour.

If you visit the island a month later, at the end of July, you will have to be more attentive to the clock, because as the calendar advances, the sun sets earlier.


The sunset and sunrise in Ibiza are a spectacle. This Mediterranean island gives its best shades just when the sun is illuminating the day or when it decides that it is time to go to rest.

Therefore, if you decide to spend some amazing and unforgettable days of disconnection on the island, you are obliged, at least one day, to enjoy a sunrise in Ibiza and let yourself be amazed with the image offered by the landscape.