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Where to snorkel in Ibiza

The White Isle is synonymous with partying and beaches, but the tourist attractions go beyond the most exclusive discos or beach clubs. Today we show you some of the best places to snorkel in Ibiza.

The best places to snorkel in Ibiza

If you've come this far wondering where to go snorkeling in Ibiza, we suggest some beaches and coves. But remember, the best way to reach many of them is directly from the sea, renting one of our yachts in Ibiza Luxury Yachts. A way to guarantee discretion on your vacation and ensure the greatest possible luxury.

Sa Caleta, a very popular spot on the White Island

Sa Caleta is one of the busiest beaches for snorkeling in Ibiza. It is very close to the airport, so its occupancy level is very high. This makes it advisable to move away from the shore.

If possible, and with Ibiza Luxury Yachts it is, the best thing to do is to sail around it, close to the rocky edge, to spot dozens of marine species. Sa Caleta is also a unique corner to enjoy the mud baths, in Es Bol Nou.

Port of San Miguel, crystalline waters and a wide range of tourist services

In the north of the island, on a road that goes from San Miguel de Balansat to the port of this municipality, we reach another beach that is an ideal destination for snorkeling in Ibiza. It is a convenient location to park for free, but again we insist on the idea of reaching every corner of the coastline from the Mediterranean Sea itself..

The waters at this beach are clear and clean, like the sand that makes up the outside and the bottom. If you add to this a low pronounced shore and the protection offered by the mountains, which prevents powerful winds, the result is to contemplate many marine species, both animal and plant.

Cala Tarida, discover its secret beaches

Cala Tarida is one of the best known beaches on the west coast of the island. This is one of those coves for snorkeling in Ibiza that offers the best conditions for this activity. It is a protected beach with turquoise shades that attracts all swimmers.

Its waters are crystal clear, the sea is shallow on the right side, the best place for this aquatic activity. On the left side you will find rock formations somewhat deeper. Near Cala Tarida is also Es Pujolets, one of the most romantic beaches of Ibiza, but which is best accessed with closed shoes to avoid slipping.

Along with these, other options are Es Canaret, Punta Galera, Cala d'en Serra, Cala Moli or Cala Xarraca. In turn, the neighboring island of Formentera also offers spectacular corners for this activity.

Beaches to practice snorkel in Formentera.

As in Ibiza, the waters of Formentera invite you to practice snorkeling in almost any of its impressive coves. The water temperature in summer, even until October, does not drop below 20 degrees, and the level of occupation of many of these beaches, low, is what allows the enjoyment of this activity.

The island of Espalmador, Cala Saona, Caló des Morts, the caves of Punta Rasa or Cala del Moro are some areas worth visiting, where you can see Posidonia meadows and an endless number of fish.

The snorkeling in Ibiza is just one more attraction of this island that lives by and for tourism, but that needs a sustainable and rational exploitation of its resources.