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Where to take mud baths in Ibiza

The mud baths in Ibiza are a very beneficial care therapy for the skin. The mud therapy consists of completely covering the body with mud or mud for a sufficient time, at least 15 minutes, and take advantage of the power of absorption of the mud to improve the health and aesthetic appearance of the skin.

The mud baths in Ibiza, especially in some of its coves, are highly recommended for their beneficial properties. In turn, in the smaller of the Pitiusas Islands we can also do the same, with Formentera and its mud baths.

Now you know that if you are going to visit the Balearic Islands, you must take, at least, a couple of mud baths in Ibiza.

Benefits of mud baths in Ibiza

The practice of taking mud baths has its origins in antiquity, as Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were already using it. The healing power of mud is demonstrated more actively in the skin, because mud therapy provides minerals and trace elements as important as iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese or copper. Likewise, the absorption of other minerals such as quartz, silicates or feldspar is also relevant.

On an organic level, mud baths in Ibiza also help to eliminate toxins, promote collagen production and stimulate wound healing. Some skin conditions find relief in this process. On the other hand, the substances contained in some muds of Ibiza and Formentera, which are spread throughout the Balearic archipelago, have anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are in Ibiza, where can you take a mud bath?

In Ibiza there are several places where you can enjoy a good mud therapy treatment. Some of these spaces are not very accessible by land, so going to one of our luxury yacht charter services in Ibiza Luxury Yachts can be the perfect solution. We show you those mud and beach paradises.

Aigües Blanques beach, in Santa Eulalia del Rio

This is one of the best known places in Ibiza to enjoy the mud. It is a quiet space that gives rise to the practice of nudism. Its golden sand is a great attraction, along with the cliffs that descend through a ramp. It is precisely the gray mineral that is released by the cliffs as a result of erosion that gives rise to the healing properties of this mud.

Es Bol Nou, reddish muds in Sa Caleta

If that of Aigües Blanques is a grayish mud, in the cove of Es Bol Nou the tone of the mud is reddish. This site is located in the south of the island, near the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta, so if you visit it you will also be getting to know one of the first inhabited places on the island.

Again the mud comes off the cliffs that surround the beach. These mud baths in Ibiza are said to be very nourishing and absorbent, perfect to gain a feeling of rejuvenation.

Xarraca Cove muds

A third option is to travel to the north of the island, to Cala Xarraca. It is a beach divided into two sections, one of them enabled for nudism. It is in this area, the most hidden, which offers high quality mud that can be obtained simply by rubbing a little water on the rocks.

In this mud beach it is enough to cover the body completely with mud and let it act for a few minutes, to later remove it with a complete bath in these waters, which are also one of the clearest in Ibiza to practice diving.

The mud baths in Ibiza are one more way to enjoy some of the beaches and coves of Ibiza. In this way you will not only be contemplating landscapes of great beauty, but you will gain in health and wellness, while enjoying your dream vacation.

Don't let them tell you how wonderful mud baths are in Ibiza, come and see for yourself.