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where to take pictures in Ibiza

Where to take pictures in Ibiza

Wondering where to take pictures in Ibiza is not only linked to the age of images, Instagram and social networks. For decades, photography enthusiasts from all over the world have been looking for those dreamy places that deserve to be immortalized, and the truth is that Ibiza has plenty of them.

Taking the best photos is also to keep the best memories, so it is essential to know where to take photos in Ibiza that are impressive. You are in Ibiza, then, we encourage you to express its beauty to the maximum because what is beautiful, harmonious and pleasing to the eye brings us a sense of peace and happiness. Arm yourself with your professional camera or simply with your cell phone and visit those places whose memory will give you energy for the rest of the year.

In this post, we mention some of the most beautiful and impressive paradors and landscapes where to take pictures in Ibiza and capture the beauty of the island to the maximum.

The best landscapes where to take pictures in Ibiza

It's hard to decide where to take the best photos of Ibiza, realistically. It is obvious that we are in love with our island, but millions of testimonies can confirm that it is a paradise.

Our advice is to opt for rental a luxury yacht in Ibiza to watch the sunsets from the sea. Look both to the horizon and to the coast to see how the beach or the villages are changing their tonalities. Taking a swim in an anchorage while the sun sets is also an experience that we recommend.

In Ibiza there are landscapes worthy of photo in practically every kilometer, but we leave you some ideas.

1. Sunset in Es Vedrà

It is a classic for sunset lovers, and it is a place wrapped in a halo of mystery. In fact, in fiction it was the volcanic island of Bali Hai for the '58 film South Pacific. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful places to take pictures in Ibiza.

2. The swing on the rock Cala Xarraca

It is a beach in San Juan Bautista, north of the island, a rocky place but bathed by the turquoise water and the green of the mountain. Someone came up with the idea that it was the perfect spot for a relaxing bob on the water, until influencers made it fashionable. In high season you'll even have to wait in line, but there are plenty of other photo-worthy spots in the area.

3. The doors of Can Soleil

It is a monument formed by two gates with Arabic engravings installed in the middle of nowhere, perfect to serve as a frame for a blue, green and ocher landscape. And your photo, of course. The beauty of the doors joins the environment for the perfect composition.

4. The Natural Park Ses Salines and itsbeach bars.

For the most part, the area remains practically pristine for its immense natural value. It's anothergreat option for sunset, but you can also savor good food, cocktails and music in some of its beach bars and restaurants. Ibiza's trendy spots will also provide you with good photos.


You have it easy, since the only thing you have to worry about is to enjoy and remember where to take pictures in Ibiza. We take care of the rest: we provide you with the best boat, pick you up at the airport, do the shopping for you or even put a chef on board at your disposal. Do you really have to think about it anymore?

Now that you know where to take pictures in Ibiza and make them look like typical photos of infuencers, don't wait any longer and come and enjoy the island.