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best beaches in Ibiza

Which are the best beaches in Ibiza

The best beaches in Ibiza have a common denominator: sun, pleasant temperatures, the setting of a beautiful landscape and absolute tranquillity. The island offers you perfect settings for those holidays you dream of, where you can forget about the pandemic and enjoy yourself without overcrowding putting your health and that of your loved ones at risk.

To enjoy a holiday like this, it is best to opt for luxury yacht charter in Ibiza, and have someone to take care of all the details: from airport pick-up to the kitchen, including reservations at the most traditional restaurants on the island to enjoy its exquisite cuisine.

We take care of everything, in addition to providing the boat that best suits your needs with which you can know the best beaches of Ibiza. You take care of enjoying, because Ibiza is for that.

It is the paradise you deserve with the best beaches in Ibiza.

The best beaches in Ibiza

The only thing you will have to do will be to decide the course, but we also help you in the choice. You will love the island from end to end and you can enjoy the best beaches of Ibiza. In addition, you will especially enjoy its exclusive corners. We review some of them.

1. Cala Vedella

A tour of Ibiza's coves is a must, and what we look for in coves like these are good anchorages that are well protected from the winds, with beautiful views and which also offer interesting places to eat.

Cala Vedella responds to all that, so it is the quiet place you were looking for to spend a day of sun and sea. Anyway, if you prefer to eat quietly on the boat, we have chefs ready to delight you with their culinary skills.

2. Port San Miquel

Ibiza and white sandy beaches are synonymous, but if you come to the island you'll also want to venture into its little villages to extend the experience. For example, tasting some fresh Mediterranean fish cooked in the island's own style.

You can do this in Port San Miquel, a good anchorage that is also protected from the winds in the vicinity of an old fishing port. Today it has souvenir shops and restaurants where you can try Bullit de Peix, a typical dish. It is also the ideal place for water sports.

3. Isla Tagomago

It is an islet next to the marine reserve on the northwest coast, and such an exclusive place that you can only access it by boat. And not always, as it is a private place that may restrict access, although you always have the option of going to the beach bar.

You have two anchorages, to the east and west, one with a sandy bottom in a wide bay and the other surrounded by rocks that form a unique setting.

4. Es Cavallet

Discovering the beautiful natural surroundings of the island will be one of the main attractions of your trip. You will love Es Cavallet, in the heart of the Natural Park of Ses Salines and with more than a kilometre of unspoilt beach where the feeling of spaciousness will accompany you.

If you feel like practising nudism, this will be your moment, among dunes, pine trees and junipers. You can also go to one of its well-known beach clubs.

5. Beach d’en Bossa

We know you're looking for peace and quiet, but at some point you might want to stop by Ibiza's most famous beach. It is the most popular tourist resort, home to the Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza nightclubs, as well as being the largest on the island and full of beach bars.


In short, the options to know the best beaches of Ibiza will not be lacking whatever your traveler profile. Enjoying the tranquility is not incompatible with enjoying the rich gastronomy of the island, admiring the paradisiacal views or letting yourself be enveloped by its lively spirit from time to time.

Decide which are the best beaches in Ibiza for you and enjoy, we take care of everything else.