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Ibiza en primavera

The reasons why you should go to Ibiza in springtime

Ibiza in spring can be as attractive as it is in summer. It is true that it is not high season for nightclubs, but still the attractions offered by the island are countless. We review some of them below.

6 reasons to go to Ibiza in spring

Ibiza's beaches

Going to Ibiza in spring is the best idea if you want to enjoy its beaches in a relaxed way, without so many tourists. At Luxury Yachts we already recommended you some time ago these must-visit destinations, and also, in our case, we can offer you all the comforts for you to discover these places from the comfort of a yacht.

Touring all the island in less than an hour

Getting away from the summer season, when the largest of the Pitiusas is a hive of people, is a good idea to get to know this territory in depth and more calmly. If you decide to visit the Balearic Islands before the summer, you can travel around Ibiza in 3 days during the spring, crossing from north to south the island by car in less than an hour, from Portinatx to Sant Josep de Sa Talaia; and from east to west in half an hour, from Ibiza to San Antonio. In summer this is impossible, and not only because of the roads, but also because of the difficulty to park..

Lower prices for all services

Although the budgetary issue is not a conditioning factor for many tourists who want to spend a vacation on this island, when asked the question ofwhen to go to Ibiza, spring is gaining many integers, because it is not only that many services are cheaper, but there is not such a massive accumulation of people and you can, for example, enjoy the beaches more calmly, as well as other natural areas.

Ibiza's museums

The cultural attraction of Ibiza is one of its great forgotten. Spring, as well as autumn, are positioned as two good times of the year to delve into the cultural ecosystem of the island. The Museum of Contemporary Art, the Necropolis of Puig des Molins and the Ethnographic Museum in Santa Eulària des Rius, are highly recommended places to visit.

Eating at the best restaurants with no waiting lines

Ibiza, like other island territories that have tourism as their main source of economic wealth, are marked by seasonality. In fact, in winter there are many coves that are completely deserted, as well as restaurants and leisure services closed. This does not happen if you visit Ibiza in spring, especially after Easter, when the opening season is already active.

Therefore, a good formula to enjoy the best restaurants in Ibiza is to travel to the island of Ibiza in spring, from April onwards. Once there do not forget to confirm that the restaurant you want to discover is open.

The Medieval Fair of Ibiza

This event is also one of the most popular in Ibiza in spring. It is celebrated during the month of May in its second week. It is a festival in which the city returns to medieval times and dozens of merchants selling handicrafts, natural cosmetics, leather accessories and jewelry and all kinds of products.

At the same time, minstrels, witches, puppets, dragons, artists, knights and jesters appear in the streets, giving a colorful touch to the city.


The island of Ibiza in spring is a quieter place than in summer, but no less interesting. Its cultural and natural attractions are still present, with the added advantage that you can move more quietly through these enclaves. So now you know, if what you are looking for is to know the best kept secrets of the island, do not hesitate to travel to Ibiza in spring.